Nonprofit Anonymous

This workshop was presented as a breakout session at the 2021 WVDO Regional Conference.

About The Presentation

“I worked 17 hours every day last week!”

“I don’t sleep.”

“I’ll take a walk when this is done.” [Narrator: It’s been 5 years since she said that.]

How many times have you heard or said something like the statement’s above? Working in nonprofits can be extremely rewarding, seeing and being the change we want in the world is priceless. However, so many of us come from backgrounds where we or our work (or both) were undervalued, and as a result we carry this into the workplace and can be doing more harm than good. Both to ourselves and our missions.

In order to fully serve our and our organizations vision for the future, we’ve got to make some changes to how we serve ourselves. In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to do that.

Learning Objectives:

1. Recognize when we’re harming ourselves at the expense of the mission
2. Start a dialogue with ourselves to help us journey into healing
3. Know how to identify harmful behavior before it takes over our culture


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