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  • All the planning in the world can't predict a global pandemic
  • Pivoting will save you
  • It is possible to grow a business without sacrificing your values or your self care

Hawthorne Ghost Tour

The Hawthorne Ghost Tour is a fun, exciting, and educational adventure through the heart of East Portland’s old red light district. This is a walking tour that takes between 1.5 and 2 hours, during which we will walk approximately a mile and a half.


  • Consistency is key
  • Groupon, Amazon Local, and Yelp are never worth it
  • Being yourself in business is what brings in people you want to work with


Closed in 2016

A full service digital marketing firm located in Portland, Oregon.


  • It is possible to sustain profit without using fear in your campaigns
  • Being vocal about your values, and specific about how you live them will attract and retain clients
  • Resilience can get you most of the way, but strategy keeps you going
  • My own lack of self-worth and inability to engage in selfcare or draw boundaries around my time had a deadly effect on my company

Lard & Co. Accessories and Apparel

Closed in 2006

A handmade clothing and apparel company.


I was not charging nearly enough for the product, especially because of the hand-made nature of the piece. Due to my background and previous experience, I had no idea what the correct market price was for my labor and I undersold myself and burnt myself out.

Marina's House Service

Closed in 2003

A house cleaning and gardening company.


  • Basic business administration
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Client service
  • Operations management