New Coyote Consulting

New Coyote is an equity and communications consulting firm serving BIPOC-led organizations and marginalized leaders coming into their power.


  1. Hours worked has little relationship to overall product quality.
  2. Truly successful business people are successful people first, and their success at business is predicated on that fact.
  3. In order to run an anti-racist business, we ourselves must perpetuate an ongoing practice of addressing our own internalized white supremacy.
  4. Consent is not sexy, it’s mandatory. This is true in every avenue of life, especially in business.
  5. We say no to what we don’t want so we can say yes to what we do want.
  6. Urgency is white supremacy.
  7. We heal in relation to one another, therefore healthy, mutually beneficial relationships are the primary driver of all we do.
  8. Clear is kind: Communication is a skill we continuously learn and teach.
  9. Empathy is everything.
  10. The opposite of an oppressive system is not a lack of systems. Without explicit structure, most systems will revert to the default, which is white supremacy.


We provide easy to read, easy to monetize newsletters for just 30-45 minutes per month.


  • All the planning in the world can't predict a global pandemic
  • Pivoting will save you
  • It is possible to grow a business without sacrificing your values or your self care

Hawthorne Ghost Tour

The Hawthorne Ghost Tour is a fun, exciting, and educational adventure through the heart of East Portland’s old red light district. This is a walking tour that takes between 1.5 and 2 hours, during which we will walk approximately a mile and a half.


  • Consistency is key
  • Groupon, Amazon Local, and Yelp are never worth it
  • Being yourself in business is what brings in people you want to work with


Closed in 2016

A full service digital marketing firm located in Portland, Oregon.


  • It is possible to sustain profit without using fear in your campaigns
  • Being vocal about your values, and specific about how you live them will attract and retain clients
  • Resilience can get you most of the way, but strategy keeps you going
  • My own lack of self-worth and inability to engage in selfcare or draw boundaries around my time had a deadly effect on my company

Lard & Co. Accessories and Apparel

Closed in 2006

A handmade clothing and apparel company.


I was not charging nearly enough for the product, especially because of the hand-made nature of the piece. Due to my background and previous experience, I had no idea what the correct market price was for my labor and I undersold myself and burnt myself out.

Marina's House Service

Closed in 2003

A house cleaning and gardening company.


  • Basic business administration
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Client service
  • Operations management