Work is feeling like a special treat

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It's the Thursday update! I had another awesome week and I'm feeling extremely blessed.

Here's how I did on my intentions:

- Do the work I have in the time I have, if I'm working more than that it's time to bring on extra help: I have made a decision to stop working after dinner. It makes me feel too keyed up and then I don't sleep well. I've also made the move to bring on extra hands and I'm very excited about that.

- It's okay to get excited: This has been easy, especially after I decided not to work after dinner. Work is actually feeling like a special treat and that's awesome.

- Take breaks: Someone please go tell Monday me that doing laundry is not a god damn break! I have been horrible about breaks this week, but I think not doing work after dinner is going to help with that. Breaks should feel distinct from work and when I was just working a little bit every free hour, nothing totally felt like work, but nothing felt like a break either.

I hope you have a weekend of listening to yourself and taking care of yourself!

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~ M ~