Who Needs a Strategy Session?

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Monday, the day I set my intentions for the week! But first: We officially made it to 8 weeks of eating goals! This is where I fell off last time, so I'm being extra vigilant this week to take breaks and eat all my meals.

We also launched a new product: STRATEGY SESSIONS! Each session is 1 hour long, I do 2 sessions a month for a recurring monthly cost of $600. This is for the client who wants to have a touch point for their 30,000 foot view, for keeping accountable to their values and getting the work done at the same time. Please tell me if you would like this service, and please refer people to me who may need it.

That said, on to intentions for the week:

1. Limit work to 6 hours a day. Contrary to popular thinking, where more hours means more product, limiting work hours like this helps me get things done. I'm more focused and disciplined, less tired, and more likely to make good choices.

2. Be direct and ask for commitments and referrals for my new strategy sessions.

3. Keep my focus on what really matters: people. As Brene Brown says, people, people, people!

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~ M ~