What I Can Control

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Happy Latino History month, everybody!

As of last night, I now have 6 weeks of eating goals under my belt and after 2 weeks of hell here in Portland, things are looking up.

Intentions for the week:

- Recovery: We had 10 days of the worst air quality in the world followed by 1 day of rain and 2 days of great weather, I'm still recovering from the last two weeks, it's okay to still be messed up.

- Gratitude: Last week, it was too much to ask but I think it feels like a good time to dive back into my gratitude practice.

- Focus on what I can control: I'm so sad about the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Also, things like life and death are out of my control. I'm not going to let grief take me over, nor will I abdicate my power with the things I do have control over.

TW: I do cry a little about Justice Ginsburg, in the video I say in don't know why but the reason is because she was a symbol of something and frequently symbolic loss can hit harder than anything.

What are your intentions? Put them below!

~ M ~