We're not in a system that wants us to thrive

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It's the Thursday update! On Monday I told you that my intention was to take it easy and reclaim some of the time I spent working over the holiday.

I did accomplish my goal of working fewer hours, but I don't feel like I spent my time not working in any way that was nourishing or affirming. I still have residual stress from the issues I dealt with at the end of the year, it's impacting my body, and new life issues and the usual stresses of running a business of course continue to crop up.

My impulse is to put all the blame for this on myself, but I was recently reminded that we're all still dealing with two years of pandemic grief and a new wave of risk factors with no new wave of support, which affects me not only personally but professionally since my company is a B2B consulting firm. I'm also trying to remind myself that we're not in a system that wants us to thrive, and that's not something I'm responsible for. I'm only responsible for how I navigate it.

How did you do on your intentions? Put them below and don't forget to have a weekend!

~ M ~