We have the human spirit

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It's the Monday update. I don't have an intention for this week because I, like everyone, am focusing a lot of my energy on the state of the world right now. The news in this country is terrifying for those of us experiencing marginalization - and for anyone who fears this country falling into fascism.

When I see the structures of oppression squatting on my life, part of my strategy for dealing with it is evaluating my role in its impact: where am I being permissive with those structures, because doing otherwise would be unsafe for me, and where can I use my power to push back? We are so often told that we hold less power than we do, because someone else is benefiting off of us feeling smaller than we actually are. Now is the time to evaluate how and when you can push back on those structures, even just to the extent of not letting it eat every moment of your joy.

If there's a time to access your humanity, it is now. Fascists might have money and power, but we have the human spirit. And I don't know if that's enough, but it's what we've got.

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