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I'm back after closing down for election day and thinking about work-life balance. In fact, you can actually see that in progress as what I thought was going to be a simple vlog about getting a new desk was hijacked when healthcare issues reared their ugly head.

I'm in a really wonderful position right now in that I have a full, fulfilling personal life and a full, fulfilling professional life, but what that means in practice is that I am incredibly fulfilled but also very busy and very tired. I've been thinking a lot about Stacy Abrams' statement that work-life balance is really more like "work-life Jenga," trying to fit pieces in while you build. I've also been thinking about how we can use even the concept of self-care as a way of policing ourselves and others. Sometimes we haven't found the perfect balance yet, and that's okay.

Anyway long story short, I have a new desk!

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