To Succeed on my own terms

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It's time for the Thursday update! Here's how my intentions went:

1. Delegate, delegate, delegate - I delegated a lot and I have a delegation plan for the rest of it.

2. Say no so I can say yes to my own work and clients - It can be hard to skip out on things, even when I realize that they're not mission aligned, but I skipped that conference and while there's FOMO, I feel like it was the right choice.

3. Positive self talk - I slipped up about something not work related, but my friend caught me and called me out, so thank you for calling me on my bullshit!

Also: 2020 is officially NO LONGER in the lowest earning year of my life! Plus, two more mind-bending facts. Of Q4 earnings were my average quarterly earnings throughout the year, 2020 would have been my highest earning year. And even more bonkers, if my November/December earnings to date were the average earnings for every 2 month period in the year, 2020 earnings would have been more than DOUBLE my previous highest earning year. I think that's a win, y'all.

I can't tell you how good it feels to succeed on my own terms: not working too many hours, eating and sleeping regularly, taking care of my mental health. It's phenomenal.

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~ M ~