There's no timeline on grief

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Welcome to Thursday update, where I go over the intentions I set on Monday (actually it was Tuesday this week) and tell you how I did! This is so late because I went on a 7-hour-long date with my husband instead of recording. No regrets! 🥰

Anyway, on to intentions:

- No work or email before food: I fudged this one. I started work with food nearby or almost done and that's cutting it too close for me. I've also been cutting it close with eating goals, which is not cool and could lead to me messing my streak up, so I've got to look at that and watch out.

- When I feel the urge to move faster, move slower: After the video on Tuesday, I actually didn't feel the urge to rush this week. I guess I learned my lesson.

- Be more aware of the internalized abusive parent manifesting as negative self-talk: Oh boy. Through my awareness of this voice, I realized that I have been trying to "power through" processing my late grandmother's possessions and that's what is causing that voice to go haywire. I'm trying to rush through my feelings and it's not working. There's no timeline on grief and there's no timeline on trauma. How did you do on your intentions? Share below!

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~ M ~