The burnout cycle

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It's the Monday update! Last week my intention was to engage in self-care and community, which led to a great weekend. But I also realized this weekend that I was feeling some anxiety about this week, and my husband said it looked like I was experiencing burnout.

As the CEO of my company, it feels like burnout is something I'm doing to myself - like I could change this at any time, but the way I'm doing things now is just more efficient. But that's really just the burnout cycle talking. My intention for this week is to lean into what I can do to prevent burnout, including slowing down and paying attention to my body. A major factor of that is trying to find something I can do that will feed my need for change and validation without stressing me out.

I also think I need to revel in success. While I've been pulling my company out of this hole, there hasn't been time to feel the small victories as they come, but What's your intention for the week? Put it in the box below, and don't forget to eat lunch!

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