Taking racists out of power

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“Donald Trump is a white supremacist, full stop. If you vote for him again, you’re a white supremacist, full stop.” - Daveed Diggs

It's the Thursday update, where I share how I did on my intentions for the week.

1. News and social media blackout: I was successful until yesterday when I had to jump back in for work but I don't feel as freaked out by the feeds as many of my friends who continued to engage all week.

2. Be kind to myself: I realized that I was forgetting my priorities and that in order to continue to be successful, I need to remember to take care of the thing that makes this business a success: me!

Further: This week has been hard for the US and anybody who will be affected by us. What I said on Monday remains true. No matter who the president is, my values don't change. My goals don't change. I'll to continue to work on my anti-racist journey and unlearn white supremacy, transphobia, cissexism, rape culture, anti-worker bias.

It's been my personal mission and pleasure to fight white supremacy in all its forms for many years at this point, either by taking racists out of power or by turning them into anti-racists. I prefer the latter but I won't hesitate to do the former.

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