Stress Makes Me Less Productive

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It's the Monday update! As of last night, we've reached 10 weeks of eating goals, an all time record! Also, I celebrated my previous longest streak of 9 weeks with a much needed swim and I feel incredible! The stress melted off me and has stayed off!!

I'm on Vacation the 27th-30th, so this week is about focusing on making sure everyone has everything they need before I go, and that I'm getting to a good stopping or break point in my projects.

Therefore, my intentions are:

1. Remember that stress makes me less productive, not more.

2. Ask for what I need, be direct and don't isolate.

3. People first, even as I'm getting things wrapped up for my break, in want to make sure that people are at the center of my actions rather than potential unnecessary box checking.

What are your intentions?

#accountability #valuesbasedleadership #startupbusiness

~ M ~