Sometimes you just do your work

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It's the first Monday update of the year!

I didn't end up getting much of a winter vacation because I was finalizing health insurance for my company. I believe health care is a human right, and I made a promise to myself that my company would pay for health insurance as soon as we were able - and then I had to fight tooth and nail to make that happen.

I realized a couple of things through the process: 1) I need to remember that I can reach out to people for help instead of taking it all on myself, and 2) shoring up the holes in an unjust system isn't necessarily going to make you feel good. I expected a little endorphin rush from being able to provide for my company, but it just ended up reminding me that the systems which should be in place to make things easier for us just aren't there.

My intention this week is to take it easy and regain some of the rest I missed out on in December.

What's your intention for the week? Put it in the box below, and don't forget to eat lunch!

~ M ~