Sometimes you have to take outside help

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Hi everyone, it's time for the Thursday update, where I tell you how I did on my intentions for the week.

My intention this week was to focus on eating and sleeping. there were a couple of sleepless nights due to circumstances out of my control, but when I had my way, I was in bed by 2:30am and asleep by 3am just like I wanted.

Eating was another story. As a compulsive under eater, I found that it was not something I could change on my own so I spoke to my therapist about it and we have a plan to add meal structure to my days and get back on a better eating track.

When you have stuff you don't act rationally about the way I am with food, you can't just sit around saying you'll get to it. Sometimes you have to take outside help or take big action to make the changes you need and that's okay.

How did you do on your intentions? Let me know below and have a weekend!


~ M ~