Sometimes all you can do is not make it worse

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Welcome to the Thursday update and what the actual fuck was this week?

The intention I set on Monday was to prioritize rest over work, which was VERY DIFFICULT! I had a very exciting start to the week with my consulting firm, New Coyote Consulting officially becoming a thing on Tuesday and then an attempted coup on Wednesday means I didn't sleep much at all, which you can probably tell. I will say that amidst the stress, I really stepped up for myself and took naps when I could in addition to taking things off my plate and pushing deadlines that didn't need to be there.

Despite making good decisions, I'm still exhausted and it was still a very hard week. I have a lot to celebrate but I don't feel like it this week, hopefully I can come back next week and be more joyful. Sometimes all you can do is not make it worse, and that's what I did this week. And that's okay.

How did you do on your intentions? Comment below. 😁 Have a weekend, especially about this fucking week. See you on Monday!


~ M ~