Prioritize things that pay me

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It's time for the Monday update!

I had a great weekend and a great morning so I feel rejuvenated and ready for work. Last week was rough. By the time I did the Thursday update, I was exhausted and mad about it.

It's always hard to hear it when you're not doing what you intended to do, so when my therapist told me that she was seeing me slipping and pushing meals back and not eating enough, I was upset. But I've got meals back in my planner and I ate well all weekend. I feel back on track with my goals and my principals of living a life and running a business that prioritizes my physical and mental health.

In planning this video, I was going to say that my intention for the week is to prioritize my tasks by ROI because it helps boost my energy and get me in the right headspace to do less fun tasks like troubleshooting tech issues. But when I was doing yoga this morning, I realized that things like moving my body, eating good food and hydrating had an equally beneficial immediate effect on my energy.

So my new intention this week is: 📍 Prioritize things that pay me and feed me and put the the things that have the most immediate positive impact first.

What about you? what's your intention this week? Put it below!


~ M ~