No cleaning after midnight

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It's a late-ass Monday update looking like a Thursday update kinda day.

I've been leaning into hyperactivity and over working due to the stress I was carrying and not addressing around the armed coup attempt. I feel silly still being freaked out about this thing so many weeks afterwards, but it is what it is.

What started as a good faith attempt at self care by cleaning the kitchen at the end of every day led to sometimes hours of cleaning and puttering that kept me awake and wrecked my already wonky sleep schedule. Which caused other problems and exhausted me.

After talking with my therapist, I agreed to two things: 1. No cleaning after midnight 2. Start getting ready for bed at 2am so I can be in bed by 3 and asleep by 3:30 and get the 7 hours I need to function.

So, those are my intentions for the week. They feel a little silly, but they're already helping me get the sleep I need and that's what matters.

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