My context keeps changing

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It's the Monday update! This week, I'm not setting intentions for myself, but I am engaging in an ongoing dialogue with myself about how I frame and define my experiences.

This week my mind and my money has been consumed with a pet health crisis. After a tough first quarter, my company is finally running again, so there's less opportunity for me to do the self-care I might otherwise do in this situation. But the fact that we have clients and work to do - enough that I'm able to finally pay myself again - is also why I'm able to pay for the vet care my dog needs. My first response to this news was to say "wow, I can't catch a break," but having the security to pay for my pet's care without having to make huge financial sacrifices is the break I needed.

I'm also still thinking about the issue I raised in last week's video, about how to balance getting opportunities while advocating outside of the system. I still don't have an answer, but part of that is because my context keeps changing. I am always going to be navigating my relationship to capitalism and white supremacy, but that's a good thing. I never want to feel like I have nothing to learn or nowhere to go.

What's your intention for the week? Put it in the box below, and don't forget to eat lunch!

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