Money is a Living Force

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It's the Monday update!

But first, I GOT TO HUG MY DAD LAST WEEKEND! I'd seen him, but I hadn't been able to hug him in more than a year and a half and it was awesome to be able to hang out and talk without masks because we're both fully vaccinated now. The Oregon Convention Center is offering walk-in vaccinations now, I can't recommend it enough to be able to see vulnerable family members again.

My intentions this week are to ask for what I need. I'm looking for more opportunities to present my Toxic Productivity workshop to private organization, and I want to be on more podcasts because I love doing both those things, and everybody always has a great time when I do.

My other intention is to start the process of dismantling an old coping strategy around money scarcity that worked for me when I was young and things were tight, but that no longer serves me. I believe that money is a living force and that it wants to be used and played with and multiplied. When I engage in this old coping strategy, I'm using my mind to focus on scarcity when I could be focusing on abundance. So this week, I'm trying to turn my mind towards abundance when I catch myself feeling scarce.

~ M ~