It will not be better if I am diminished

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It's the Thursday update! It's also the Trans Day of Visibility. As a non-binary, agender CEO, I wanted to acknowledge today not only because I think it's important for people like me to be visible in the world, but also because acknowledging my gender has been an important part of reclaiming my space and my needs in the world.

On Monday I told you my intention this week was to center self-care and community. For me, this has meant reevaluating my idea of one of my core values - integrity. An important lesson for me this week has been: just because I said I was going to do something a certain way doesn't mean I have to continue to do it that way in the face of new information.

Having integrity has to start with having integrity with myself. Whatever I'm doing for my clients or for other people, it will not be better if I am diminished. What I give to other people can only be worse if I'm operating from a space where I can show up as a whole person.

How did you do on your intentions, and what actions are you taking that have been helping you? Put them below and don't forget to have a weekend!

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