It's Time to Slow Down

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It's the Monday update... On a Tuesday because we took Monday off!

Also, yes I do see the hypocrisy of me saying that I shouldn't rush while rushing through my update. I thought about re-recording it... but why lie? On to the update.

Good news: We've reached 9 weeks of eating goals! I booked myself a private hour at a local pool for celebration swim. I'm so happy, this is literally the first time in my entire life that I've eaten this well.

I'm also stressed. Recent good developments mean that I am now even more focused on pulling this off and keeping it going in a sustainable way and that's all I'll say about that. 🤫

Which leads me to intentions:

- Avoid checking email before eating for the day
- When I feel like rushing is actually when it's time to slow down so I don't make a mistake that makes it whatever I'm doing take even longer or require it to be redone

- Watch my negative self-talk and remember that this is an internalized abusive parental figure and not my true voice Have a week everyone, put your intentions below!

#accountability #startupbusiness #valuesbasedleadership

~ M ~