It's still normal to be affected by this shit storm

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A little late today, but that's a good thing because I didn't prioritize work over self-care or dinner with my husband, which is something I wouldn't have hesitated to do in the past.

Thoughts for this week: Just because we've gotten used to carrying this extraordinary stress doesn't mean it stopped being stressful, it just means that we got used to it. It's still normal to be affected by this shit storm. In fact, it would be weird if you weren't.

Things to celebrate: I've officially made my eating goals for 6 WEEKS STRAIGHT! A lifetime record.


- Continue to meet my eating goals, I can feel myself starting to slip and I don't want to.

- Listen to my body and center it's needs over my expectations

- Focus on the things I can change so I don't get lost in despair

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