It's okay to not be okay

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Its time for the Thursday update.

My intentions for the week were to do more body-lead working, to ask myself how I want to close 2020 and how I want to set myself up in 2021.

I worked hard at leading with my body this week, but it was difficult and exhausting. I slept 12 hours last night, which is really unusual. Sometimes it's just hard to do what I need to do to take care of myself and I'm not about to make it even more difficult by feeling same around that.

My other two intentions were ask myself how I want to end 2020 and how I want to set up 2021. I did well on both, making the decision not to start any more contracts this year so we can focus on closing out well for our existing clients and projects and setting up for 2021, which had several announcements that I'm REALLY excited about.

Christmas is coming up, which is always at least a little hard for me because of my history, but it's looking like it's going to be extra hard this year. I know there are a lot of us who have a hard time during the holidays, and because of covid, there are probably going to be a lot more this year. It's okay to not be okay. Have a weekend, even if it's not a good one. Take a break and be nice to yourself!

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