It's easy to feel abundant when things are going well

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It's time for the Thursday (Friday?) update! I'm sticking with my eating goals, and reveling in the increase in work that's coming my way and on my terms. My health, wellbeing and family come first and I'm still blowing through earnings goals and feeling great.

On to intentions, here's how I did on the intentions I set on Monday:

- Be direct with heart - I did a good job with asking people for what I need, being clear and kind without expectations

- Make time for "back burner" stuff - Not as much as I would like because more work came my way this week and so I did that instead, which is nice

- Abundant mindset - It's easy to feel abundant when things are going well, so this was a breeze

- Do the work, let go of the results - Again, this one was easy because I'm feeling amazing right now

Have as sane a Friday as you can, remember to take care of yourself. Take a walk, drink water, eat as far away from your computer as possible. It's natural to feel tired/sad/mad/ready to overthrow the government right now, remember that stress is cumulative!

#accountability #abundantmindset

~ M ~