I've done this on my terms

Hey, it's the Thursday update! We have now officially exceeded our earnings goals for September, which were double our goals from August, which had a 667% increase over July.

And I've done all this on my terms: putting my health and family first before work, taking meal breaks, working less than 8 hours, no work on weekends, sticking to my principals, and not doing work I don't like. I'm extremely blessed and grateful for every client and workshop attendee and friend who's helped promote and connect me during this time.

I'm also fucking pissed that Breonna Taylor's murderers have not been charged. I have to grieve that and also remember we're all doing what we can to prevent that from happening in the future. This is a long fight that preceded me and will continue after I'm gone.

Here's how I did on my intentions:

Recovery: Very well. I've been getting my work done and then going home, no "one more thing" or back burner projects.

Gratitude: I've been able to live in gratitude as long as I'm not looking at the news.

Focusing on the things I can control: I do well during the day and then I doom scroll social media at night and fuck myself up, so I'm going back on a news and social media break for my own sanity.

#accountability #startup #valuesbasedleadership

~ M ~