I show my work

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It's the Thursday update! On Monday I told you my intention for the week was to focus on eating and sleeping. I think I've succeeded at that, even though I've had to change how I manage my sleep routine every day this week in order to make it work.

Objectively, my company has had a good week and I have had a good week, but everything still feels really hard right now. The thing that has gotten easier is reminding myself that the work that goes into this is part of who I am. I used to want to put forth an aura of effortless success, but I no longer want that. It isn't me. I don't hide the hard parts or fake it till I make it; I show my work.

I like sharing my struggles because I want people to know that it's hard but it's do-able. The really hard part isn't running a business; it's maintaining the nuances of my humanity outside of it, and that's what I need to keep hold of and what I have to offer to my clients.

How did you do on your intentions? Put them below and don't forget to have a weekend!

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