I'm sticking with my priorities

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t's the Thursday update! On Monday I told you my intentions were to take care of my body and limit my unpaid work to 2 hours per day. I spent a little extra time creating ads for my planner ( but otherwise, I've managed to stick to my intentions.

Taking care of myself is making is easier to feel good about myself and my business. We still need more income and more clients, and yet I feel like I'm doing a good job of regulating my needs and showing up for the company, and that feels really good. I'm sticking with my priorities and doing the best I can without letting it bog me down or exhaust me. I've also managed to get a solid seven hours of sleep and have been taking care of my body during the cold, and I feel energized and happy about achieving my intentions.

How did you do on your intentions? Put them below and don't forget to have a weekend!

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