I'm a person who f*cks up a lot

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Welcome to the Monday update!

But first: Its now officially been 3 weeks of eating goals!

I'm feeling very blessed, but also worried I'm going to mess up. I'm having to address that anxiety, have faith in my experience and also remind myself that fck ups are a part of learning and growth. I'm a person who fcks up a lot... but almost never the same way twice, and that's an important part of my success.

Intentions for the week:

- Do the work I have in the time I have - If I'm working more than I want, that's either not the contract for me or I should bring on more help.

- It's okay to be excited about work, it's okay to feel like I'm back in my groove. My excitement was never the problem, it was that I hid in work rather than deal with my life and I have a lot of life to deal with at the moment.

- Take breaks, don't forget walks and other good movement.

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~ M ~