I don't want this company to exploit anybody

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Thursday check-in. It's a bit of a weird one.

But first, how did I do with my intentions:

  • Continue to set 2 priorities and get them done first thing - great job.
  • Reach out to peers - I actually cancelled two calls this week, but I made some.much needed calls to close friends instead
  • Be open to new possibilities - Yes, more on that next week
  • Practice self-compassion - I did poorly at this at the front of the week, but pulled myself out of it earlier than I usually do
  • Be quiet, do the next right thing - I mostly sucked at this.

One of the main take-aways from this week is that I realized I was hiding in work and pushing my friends and family away and not being emotionally present for them as a way to avoid processing my grief. I finally came to and realized that I don't want this company to exploit anybody, least of all me, and that I'm setting the tone for how this thing will run for as long as it lives. And I'd rather it live briefly but well, than sustain forever and do unnecessary harm.

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~ M ~