I don't always need the armor

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It's the Monday update! Last week I told you that my company made its income goals for April. After coming through a rough period, I'm really proud of where we are now. My intention for this week is to look for more speaking and training opportunities.

I've been thinking a lot about what it means for us to seek and find clients at larger orgs with bigger price tags, and potentially with more conservative decision makers. I'm never not going to center marginalized people in my trainings and coaching, but there are ways I can talk about that from a strength-based place. I don't always need the armor I instinctively put on knowing that people will react to me offensively or defensively. I can choose my clients, and doing so allows me to choose where I put my energy. Rather than fighting assumptions or making my own assumptions, I can put my energy into educating and showing up for the clients who are there for me.

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