I center people like me

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It's the Thursday update! I didn't do any of my intentions this week. Whenever I set 2 or 3 intentions AND they're concrete tasks, that is a recipe for failure. Instead, this week I spent a lot of time struggling with my goals for my speaking career.

I've been a public speaker since my teens but it's only very, very recently that I've done it professionally rather than as a supplementary part of my career. I've mentioned before that I come from a background of scarcity where I was told a person like me wasn't supposed to succeed, so it's still hard for me to believe that I'm worth the dollar amount that I now put on my speech. It's hard for me to believe that my voice has value.

It's also hard for me to figure out how to succeed at this my way, which means a way that doesn't center white supremacy and capitalist hegemony. Even knowing it will be hard, it's still the only way I can do it. I center people like me in my trainings and my work, and more often than not, I succeed at my goals, which is to get people like me into the room so that all of us can thrive together.

How did you do on your intentions, and what actions are you taking that have been helping you? Put them below and don't forget to have a weekend!

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