How I'm Celebrating Myself

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It's time for the Monday update!

Hi all the new people, and thanks Amy Santee (she/her) for the shout out last week, I met a lot of cool people thank to your post. 😁

On to the update. I got really sick over the weekend, but thanks to recent efforts at self-care, I bounced back quickly and am fully recovered just a day after, which is very nice. Unfortunately, I also missed my eating goals and am back at square one.

My intentions for the week are:

1. Ask myself how I'm celebrating myself multiple times throughout the day: I've been doing this since last Wednesday and it turns out that, more often than not a celebration of myself is me taking care of my house and my body in ways that feel good and affirming.

2. Avoid multitasking: as we continue to get busier, I need to be fully present and not slow myself down with distracting multitasking.

That's all for this week, 2 intentions is plenty. What are your intentions? Put them below!

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~ M ~