Feeling Blessed and Affirmed

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It's time for the Thursday update!

People are responding positively to the strategy sessions, I also put my new Toxic Productivity workshop on social media so snap that up before it sells out like the last one.

On to my intentions:

- No more than 6 hrs of work a day: Mostly successful except for yesterday, when I worked 7 hrs and spent the 7th hour totally wasting my time on email.

- Be direct with asking for commitments and referrals for strategy sessions: Yes, and I feel blessed and affirmed.

- Focus on people and don't isolate: I isolated a little on Tuesday, but I also went to the Willamette Valley Development Officers (WVDO) conference this week and it was AMAZING! I feel on fire for my mission and totally energized. Also, I'm at the beach today because it was the only good day in the forecast, so my whole fam cleared our schedules and met up at the coast!

Have a weekend, we're taking Monday off for indigenous people's day, but I'll see you Tuesday!

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~ M ~