Every time I do this it gets easier

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It's the Thursday update! On Monday I told you my intention was to joyfully return to work, and while I haven't had the collapse I've experienced before, I'm still pretty exhausted. During the most difficult period of trying to secure work for me and my company, I didn't really let myself feel all the stress because I knew it would slow me down.

When I talk about reducing toxic productivity, people often imagine leisure. For me, reducing toxic productivity means taking the energy I was using spinning my wheels in an attempt to look productive and apply it to labor that actually serves me - going to therapy, moving my body, educating myself. And it can take a lot of labor to manage toxic productivity itself. I've been trained to believe that if I don't see a product at the end of the day, then I've failed, and I have no reason to be exhausted - I did "nothing." But this work is real work.

I was trying to go to work joyfully without addressing the stress, but that's not possible and it's not healthy. It's better to process the stress now when I can, and I'm glad I know that now. Every time I do this it gets easier.

How did you do on your intentions? Put them below and don't forget to have a weekend!

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