Redesign and Update for Classic Parking

Sean McCabe

Classic Parking, a family owned and operated business based in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, has been serving Southern California and surrounding areas since 1929. In addition to the original parking management services, they now offer transportation through CP Transportation, and security with Classic Protection.

The company website hadn’t been updated in several years, and they were looking for a fresh new look that would showcase their three companies, while being easy to use, and retaining the Classic Parking branding that their clients have come to trust. On a visit to the company offices located in an iconic downtown hot spot, I asked the team what they wanted visitors to see when they clicked on

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  • Design a fresh new look for Classic Parking's website while retaining the company's familiar branding
  • Showcase Classic Parking's three companies without confusing visitors
  • Reflect Classic Parking's first principles of being easy to work with and putting people first, starting by making sure the website is easy to use


  • Photographer Sean McCabe and I used actual Classic employees as models to personify each of the three companies, so customers would see someone they might actually work with
  • The clean design that worked best integrated a photo backdrop rather than white space, which looked empty on larger screens
  • To highlight the models and Classic Parking's people first ethos, I offset the menu to avoid crowding the middle of the screen and used simple Arial to maintain legibility