Why Social Media?

Social media is everywhere these days, but many organizations have trouble navigating the constantly changing landscape of this new and sometimes imposing medium. Some business owners and organizers have trouble seeing the potential return on investment it can have for them. But social media is an important skill. According to the Pew Research Center, 67% of Americans were using social media as of December 2012, and that number has surely gone up in the ensuing months.

Unlike other advertising, potential customers actively look for and read their social media streams with rapt focus. So how do you as a professional get that kind of attention for your product? The answer is simple: make something your customers want to see!

So much of social media is good old fashioned customer service. What looks like new technology is actually a return of the same small town commercial values that we all know and love. With social media, producers can have a personal relationship with consumers again, and how we handle those relationships has an impact on business. Current and potential customers, clients and donors are already having exchanges on social media about every conceivable service. It's time to join the conversation and meet your customer again!

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