Why I Blog, And Why You Should Too

One of the reasons I blog is because copywriting is a service I offer*, but this isn't the only reason. Much of my strategy is based on content marketing and community building, and a regular blog is integral to both of these goals. In order to be a content marketer, you need to be able to produce relevant, useful, and entertaining content for your market. In order to build a community, you must first establish a rallying point. A blog is easy to make, versatile, and can take almost any form or update schedule that works for you. Whatever you make, whatever service you offer, you can showcase it with a blog. Posts can take the form of writing, pictures, video, even interactive flash games if that's your thing.

A blog, unlike a social media page, is where you can have complete control of your brand. You can funnel readers to other pages, get specific about what you're trying to tell/sell them, and build a catalog of services and examples for new or returning customers. You can also attract your target market.

A lot of new and small organizations like to keep their options open. They don't like to make broad statements, or be too specific in the worry that they'll chase away potential clients or members. But this is not good. Instead of being attractive to everyone, they become attractive to no one.

When you get specific about who you are, you're not pushing away anybody that matters. If a company doesn't like your strategy, your product, or your philosophy, it's better they know this before they waste their time and yours trying to make it work when there's no way it can. When you blog about your process, you showcase your culture, demonstrate how you fulfill your brand promises, you're giving potential clients and customers an opportunity to get to know you in a low-pressure environment.

If you make sweaters, don't pretend that you might also make jackets for the right price. Be a sweater maker, and be a good sweater maker. Blog about fibers, knit patterns, sources. Blog about the principals of sweater making, blog about your standards and how you maintain them. Your people will find you, and when you have a useful, entertaining blog, they'll share you with others.

A blog is also a great way to keep a portable portfolio. I refer to my own blog in meetings and proposals all the time. Here is a well-thought out example of exactly what I am trying to convey in the heat of the strategizing moment. Here is a write-up of what I did the last time I was in similar circumstances, here is what happened after that. Using a blog as a both a record of accomplishment and a compendium of your brand is a confidence builder for clients and customers. You didn't just show up on their doorstep with a sweater and a dream, you've been at this, you have ideals, best practices, and experience. You are a professional, and here is the proof: a well written, concise, useful, and entertaining blog for their reference.

Anyone who has anything to sell should be blogging about it. Once a month, once a week, whenever you feel like it; as long as you are generating useful content, start producing today. Let your people find you.

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~ M ~