What you get when you hire a freelance digital marketing consultant

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1. An expert. If you are a small organization, you are probably wearing a lot of hats. Your full-time employees are probably also wearing a lot of hats. From time to time, you may need someone with success on a national scale, someone for whom digital marketing is the entirety of my profession, rather than one of my duties.

2. Quick turnaround. Rather than a full-time employee, my income depends on my ability to produce good work in a timely manner. There are no back-burner projects at Marina Martinez Consulting because there are no back-burner clients.

3. Affordability. As an individual, I have almost no overhead. This means that my clients don’t pay agency fees, and they aren’t financing a brick and mortar store, nor are they shouldering the costs of a second payroll. I bring on sub-contractors when I need to, but I take care of most projects completely in-house.

4. Knowledge and Perspective. You are in business to fulfill your mission, I am in business to tell people how you do that. I have years of experience with a diversity of clients. I bring a new angle to every project. I don’t just think outside the box, I am outside the box.

5. Convenience. Hire me when you need me, and only when you need me. As a contractor, I have multiple clients and multiple projects. I’m not looking for a full-time position, consulting is my career. I’ll be happy to welcome you back when you need me again.

Call me if you need:

  • Strategy: marketing plans, PR, public outreach, and organizing.
  • Writing: blogs, newsletters, articles, ad copy, and editing.
  • Graphic Design: ads, logos, promo graphics, cropping, and layout.
  • Video Editing: promo video, non-broadcast, educational, and non-cinematic.
  • Website: re-design, update, editing, maintenance, and evaluation.
  • Social Media: live coverage, customer service, community organizing.
  • Personal Appearances: markets, conferences, fairs, and events.
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