See you in 2014

You are currently reading the last blog post of the year! I know that there are two more weeks left in 2013, but there won't be a new blog post until January so I can take a break.

While I'm on break, I'll be out of town until Jan. 6. All my active clients will get an email to this effect, but I'm also saying it here for you other guys. I'll be available on email, phone, and Skype for anything you need, but I won't be taking on any new projects until after Jan 6.

I want to thank you guys for making 2013 an amazing year, I couldn't have done it without you. Even if you just read this blog and never comment, your visit counts in my analytics, and every little bit helps.

Have a great end of the year, and let's hope 2014 is at least as good.

~ M ~