Marinaforhire.Com Redesign

I've long felt that the current site layout is too crowded and complicated, but I've been too busy to tackle a redesign.

I'm not any less busy now, in fact quite the opposite, but I couldn't take it any more. A couple of days ago over lunch I sketched out some ideas for what a new site might look like. I wanted people to be able to know what I do without being overwhelmed by chatter. My favorite sketches were simple, with lots of white space and direct language.

hi, my name's marina, and I'd like to write for you

I asked myself, what did I want people to know when they came to my site? What would they probably want to know from me? I decided that, since being a person is the core of my philosophy, I wanted them to know, in as few words as possible, that I wanted to have a personal interaction with them, and having been on the other side of that search, I was fairly certain that anybody searching for social media management was going to want to know how much it could cost them, first and foremost.

a mock-up of what a new, minimalist might look like

So, I decided to introduce myself, then add a line about pricing with a link to the pricing section, with other relevant links below that.

I also put my contact information at the very top of the page, because I want people to know they can always contact me personally if they have any questions.

This isn't the finished product, but it's what I'm leaning towards very strongly. What do you think?

~ M ~