People have been asking me, and the answer is yes, that's me in that Freshbooks commercial you saw.

I have long been a vocal fan of Freshbooks, so when they were making their first national commercial, and they asked me to be in it, I had to say yes.

I really thought the first person I would have to hire for Marina for Hire would be a bookkeeper. I was so overwhelmed with invoicing, expenses and taxes that it took me hours to figure out every week. Thankfully enough of my fellow freelancers recommended Freshbooks, and the rest is history. Now my accounting takes almost no time, and it turned out that the first person I hired was a programmer who worked with me on one of my latest projects. Thanks to Freshbooks, I was able to invest the money I saved back into my industry and growing my business, rather than just keeping up. I really can't recommend them enough.

~ M ~