Columbus Gay Bar Directory Logo and Copy-Edit, is an online directory of all the gay bars in Columbus, Ohio; past, present and future. The site needed a new logo and some copy editing on their About page.

For the logo, I wanted something that would follow the line of the existing list layout, which is minimalist and rectangular. Since the site name is so descriptive, I didn't want anything that would be too redundant or complex.

I also suggested that the header background be changed to hexadecimal #ffffff, or pure white in order that the logo not stand out too much, and to create a more streamlined appearance.

As for the copy, the existing about page had been written by the site owner, a life-long Columbus resident who is passionate about preserving the history of the gay community.

I have been meaning to do a site like this for years and I have finally got it up and running.

I was sick of correcting all the commercial sites that had gay bars listed that had been closed for years and there was nothing listing all the closed gay bars. Why have a list of closed gay bars?

Because they were a important part of our gay history and because it brings back a lot of good memories.

If it were not for gay bars then Stonewall Columbus would not have been started and that is nothing but the truth. So have fun and help me out with any additional info, corrections, pictures, videos and suggestions to make this site better. Send any past or present or future bar info to

Have fun and PLEASE help me out here.


With my copy edits:

I used to spend a lot of time online correcting other sites' listings for the various gay bars of Columbus. The information was rarely accurate, and frequently outdated. There also wasn't any place to keep a record of the bars that had closed over the years.

Some people might ask what interest I have in listing closed bars, and the answer to that question is history and community. So much of gay history happened in bars that only exist in our memories now. Our community center, Stonewall Columbus owes its creation to the activism that started in the bars. With your help, this site can serve as a place for us to keep a record of where we've been, as well as where we're going. So have fun and help me out with any additional info, corrections, pictures, videos and suggestions to make this site better.

Please send any past, present or future bar info to



As you can see, the emotional tone of the message was preserved, and the message itself is now more clear.

From commission to final delivery, this contract was fulfilled in a single afternoon.

~ M ~