post Website Build

Bateman Consulting is a land survey company located in Scio, Oregon. On our recent trip to Portland, I met with the owner, Dave, who said people had been calling him to ask if he had a website they could look at or share with their friends. Eager to be more accessible to his clientele, he told me what he wanted: A simple, easy to navigate online business card that would be an outline of services with clear contact information.

I laid out an idea for a one page site, with Scio in the background, that would emphasize his location and be a good design point at the same time. Dave's nephew Ben Bateman, an amateur photographer, had taken a shot of the valley the previous winter that fit perfectly with my vision for the page. At the top, clouds provide the perfect contrast to the text while the expandable image opens up below with a vision of thick mist rolling off the hills and into the pine-filled valley of Scio. I did almost no editing on the image, wanting to preserve the palate the photographer had captured.

In addition to the page, we also agreed to set up a new email client that would share the domain name. Up until the creation of the website the firm had used a single, private email as a catch-all for inquiries, personal messages, and news. Now there is a professional email at separate from Dave's personal account that he can check and reply from in the same window he uses to check his private account.

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