Virtual IPRC Toxic Productivity Workshop

In a June 11th workshop Toxic Productivity and the Creative Cycle, hosted by Marina Martinez-Bateman, participants deconstructed the toxic habit many of us have of associating our worth with our ability to produce. Especially in this uncertain and stressful time, we feel external pressure to make work that will help others contextualize a situation we ourselves may not yet have a handle on. Add to that isolation combined with a constant social media feed of friends and colleagues to unfairly compare ourselves to, and this is a recipe for despair. Workshop attendees talked about where toxic productivity comes from, how to identify it, and practices some exercises that helped them develop other coping strategies.

"Through our group discussion I was able to examine my coping skills with a kind eye and think about when and why they developed, how they serve me, and ways in which I'd like to grow. Marina creates a welcoming environment that directly reflects the specific group involved, and what they'd like to address. I know the stories shared and practical tips offered in our session will help sustain my decolonizing practice (both personally and in work), and for that I'm grateful!" Emmy Eao, IPRC

"Marina’s Toxic Productivity workshop helped me think through ways in which capitalist values of exponential growth and productivity has leaked into my creative practice in deeply damaging ways. This workshop is discussion-based— and a choose your own adventure tailored to what the group is most drawn towards talking about, whether it’s history & context or tangible ways to unravel the origins of self-worth related to productivity. The experience has proven to be a great springboard for continuing self-reflective work towards uncoupling my creative process and self-worth from toxic productivity." Harper Quinn, IPRC

Dates & Times

  • 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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