Firefighter Health and Safety Campaign


In March my client and fellow union woman Barb Maynard came to me with a health and safety campaign for Los Angeles firefighters. The team was under a deadline, as the County was threatening to move forward on installing untested high-output radio towers on more than 160 fire stations and lifeguard towers. Laws that prevented […]

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Why You Should Never Automate Your Social Media


When we’re searching for a social media manager, it can be difficult to tell what’s useful, what’s necessary, and what’s good for our business. It’s easy to get overwhelmed looking at the range of services that are offered and the prices being asked for what seems really simple: engaging with users on social media networks […]

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Interview with the Digital Doctor

the digital doctor

Today’s post is an interview with a fellow relational marketer and solopreneur, the Digital Doctor. First off, how should people contact you if they like your interview? Ken Hawrylak Digital Dr. Fort Frances, ON Computer and IT services (807) 275 6252 What was the motivation for you to get involved in relational marketing? The […]

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What is a Call to Action?

If you have experienced an issue with getting your fans and followers to participate with your page, you may need to focus on creating a call to action. The phrase “call to action” is frequently referred to as a button, or a graphic asking for a specific response, “click here to sign up for our […]

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