We are not currently taking on new clients.

Because we believe that everybody deserves good marketing strategy, we start every new relationship with a Strategy Session. This is a meeting with our COO Marina, your personal account representative, your executives and your stakeholders. During this meeting, we talk about goals, assets, and networks, both personal and professional. We also catalog the goals and networks of your ideal client/customer. Afterward, we take this information and deliver a physical book that represents your companies assets, where they overlap with your target market, as well as a clear path to accomplishing your goals, and a content calendar for the next 12 months.

We encourage small business owners and freelancers to take advantage of our sliding scale, because when small businesses know their purchasing power, it elevates our industry. And when our industry is elevated, everybody wins.

After we deliver the strategy book, we also deliver a services proposal to start negotiations on how best we can serve the marketing goals we laid out in the strategy book. Some clients prefer to use the book for their own marketing department, or as guidance for a less experienced and more affordable marketing professional. We wholeheartedly encourage this. The book is meant to be used, and the discount is to encourage smaller and perhaps younger businesses to use best practices in marketing.

I contacted Marina to help me work on a project. She was immediately in careful contact and helped me through the entire process of making something rather lackluster into a polished and professional product. I cannot recommend her enough!”

-Chris N., Fullerton, CA

I have known Marina for many years and most recently asked her to work with me to design and produce promotional materials. She is very responsive and knowledgeable. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

-Myra K., Santa Clarita, CA