Creating A Corporate Ad Style


Part of corporate branding is ensuring that your imagery is iconic so that even without your logo or name anywhere, people know your work. That can range from only using a certain color┬ápallet, to recurring shapes, themes, fonts and the like. Corporate branding can change frequently, or remain the same for decades. That’s all determined […]

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Firefighter Health and Safety Campaign


In March my client and fellow union woman Barb Maynard came to me with a health and safety campaign for Los Angeles firefighters. The team was under a deadline, as the County was threatening to move forward on installing untested high-output radio towers on more than 160 fire stations and lifeguard towers. Laws that prevented […]

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How to Talk About Caitlyn Jenner


It’s a popular suggestion in Social Media 101 courses to look to the news media for inspiration for your content calendars, and as a professional I can tell you that it’s a good habit to cultivate. Using current events, especially ones that are relevant to your industry or your market is a real crowd-pleaser. You […]

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The Family Timeline – An African Stage Play

The Family Timeline - Final Cover

Fall 2014 I got the opportunity to work with local playwright George Faux on his production of The Family Timeline, an African stage play written entirely in English Creole, which, unlike French Creole, is easy for English speakers to understand. I always talk about how great my clients are, and George is no exception. He […]

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ESMOA Interactive Book Project

Photo credit: Gloria Plascencia,

Last summer when I built the for ESMOA, the El Segundo Museum of Art, I knew I was getting to work with a dynamic, engaged team, and I have been extremely happy to be able to continue to work with them since that first project. One of my favorite phrases as a freelancer has […]

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Redesign and Update for Classic Parking


Classic Parking, a family owned and operated business based in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, has been serving Southern California and surrounding areas since 1929. In addition to the original parking management services, they now offer transportation through CP Transportation, and security with Classic Protection. The company website hadn’t been updated in several years, […]

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AYSO 50th Anniversary Interactive Timeline

Most people who have had kids, or who have been kids since the mid-1970s know about AYSO. This is especially true on the West coast, where the American Youth Soccer Organization started 50 years ago. With over 50,000 teams and 500,000 players today, it’s not hard to find a shot of a smiling kid with […]

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a screen-cap of how appears on a smaller screen

Bateman Consulting is a land survey company located in Scio, Oregon. On our recent trip to Portland, I met with the owner, Dave, who said people had been calling him to ask if he had a website they could look at or share with their friends. Eager to be more accessible to his clientele, he […]

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MarinaforHire.Com – Minimalist Design

hi, my name's marina, and I'd like to write for you

On August 1, I wrote a post about my upcoming website redesign. At the time it was just a sketch and a Photoshop mock of the original draft of this site. 15 days and several late nights later, I launched the actual redesign. I wanted something that was easy to use, not distracting or noisy. […]

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The El Segundo Museum of Art opened its doors in the restaurant district of downtown El Segundo in January 2012, and has since hosted 4 successful experiences, or exhibits, Desire, Anti-Ark, Truth, and Objectified. I came to museum at the end of May with a mock up of what I thought would best serve their […]

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