Creating A Corporate Ad Style

Part of corporate branding is ensuring that your imagery is iconic so that even without your logo or name anywhere, people know your work. That can range from only using a certain color┬ápallet, to recurring shapes, themes, fonts and the like. Corporate branding can change frequently, or remain the same for decades. That’s all determined […]

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The Glory of Whitespace

          Don’t give your user more information than they need.          

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Designer as Steward

a muted, soft focus picture of a blueprint

Every person who works in design should read The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman. It doesn’t matter if you are not “a designer,” what matters is that you are working to make something people will use. By the time I got to the book, the 1988 text, even updated, felt old and the […]

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MarinaforHire.Com – Minimalist Design

hi, my name's marina, and I'd like to write for you

On August 1, I wrote a post about my upcoming website redesign. At the time it was just a sketch and a Photoshop mock of the original draft of this site. 15 days and several late nights later, I launched the actual redesign. I wanted something that was easy to use, not distracting or noisy. […]

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The El Segundo Museum of Art opened its doors in the restaurant district of downtown El Segundo in January 2012, and has since hosted 4 successful experiences, or exhibits, Desire, Anti-Ark, Truth, and Objectified. I came to museum at the end of May with a mock up of what I thought would best serve their […]

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Marinaforhire.Com Redesign redesign featured image.

I’ve long felt that the current site layout is too crowded and complicated, but I’ve been too busy to tackle a redesign. I’m not any less busy now, in fact quite the opposite, but I couldn’t take it any more. A couple of days ago over lunch I sketched out some ideas for what a […]

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Logo Reconstruction: Action Works

Action Works, a business services firm in Los Angeles wanted to return to the original version of their logo for an upcoming redesign, but they only had a scan of an old fax with the logo on it. Everything else had been lost; the logo was made before digital back-ups were industry standard. I assured […]

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Ad Correction, The Parking Place

Sometimes a client has an ad they need to have updated, but they don’t have the original file. If the version they do have is print quality, the information can be updated within a reasonable facsimile of the original by font and color matching. In this case, the client had a new special that they […]

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Face Icon for Aldo

Aldo, who blogs at What Had Happa happened to see my face icon, and ordered one for himself. As usual, we started with a photograph. and sketched over it \ until I came to something I could import into Illustrator The sketching process takes several days.

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Making a Palm Tree Icon from Scratch

Sometimes clients want the same elements over and over again, which is when it’s a good idea to make your own icon pieces. Living in Southern California, the palm tree and the sun are a favorite theme. I started by sketching whatever came to mind over several days. This one is my favorite, but it […]

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