Firefighter Health and Safety Campaign


In March my client and fellow union woman Barb Maynard came to me with a health and safety campaign for Los Angeles firefighters. The team was under a deadline, as the County was threatening to move forward on installing untested high-output radio towers on more than 160 fire stations and lifeguard towers. Laws that prevented […]

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How to Talk About Caitlyn Jenner


It’s a popular suggestion in Social Media 101 courses to look to the news media for inspiration for your content calendars, and as a professional I can tell you that it’s a good habit to cultivate. Using current events, especially ones that are relevant to your industry or your market is a real crowd-pleaser. You […]

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Why Your Memorial Day Post Was Offensive, and How You Can Fix It


I’ve talked about tone on this blog before, specifically here, in week four of my Social Media Challenge. It can be a tricky thing, especially around matters of significant cultural weight. This last Memorial Day, I took the opportunity to select some of the best and worst performers from my timeline. Holidays like Memorial Day […]

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Being a Person Online

If I had to sum up my entire marketing and social media strategy in one sentence it would be “Be a person.” Sadly, I can’t take credit for thinking of that particular phraseology. In June 2010 actor Jeremy Redleaf spoke on social media at the Next Up Young Workers Summit in Washington DC, and he […]

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Social Media Management Case Study: Targeted Attack


As much as we try to please all of the people all of the time, there may come a point when a company or organization finds themselves the subject of a targeted attack. This is a tactic used by activists, usually as part of a larger campaign. The basic structure of a targeted attack starts […]

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McDonald’s vs. Taco Bell: Social Media Showdown


So many large companies are treating social media as if it were a little brother to traditional media. Right now, McDonald’s is really standing out to me in that department, especially in contrast to Taco Bell, who is hitting it out of the social media park. There are a lot of companies on social media […]

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Case Study: Transparency


Problem: Analysis shows that customers feel the organization is hiding something, or may be dishonest. Solution: Increase transparency. As an organization there will always be things that we can not or will not share with our clients, customers or members. This is a simple fact of operating. It is also a rhetorical straw man that […]

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